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Blogging + Tax Season: A Q&A

Occasionally, I write tax-related articles for other sites. Below is a preview of an interview I had with Victoria of The Well: The B Bar Blog. Check it out for answers to the following questions:

  1. As a blogger, how do you know when your blog is actually a business, and when will you have to declare income and pay taxes on it?
  2. What are some of the common items bloggers forget to count as income?
  3. If you don’t pay estimated (quarterly) taxes throughout the year, how will that affect your annual return? Will you be in “trouble” with the IRS?
  4. What are common items that bloggers can deduct from their tax return? Can you deduct these items even if you made less than $400 a year from the blog?
  5. What are the major tax forms bloggers should remember to fill out, if they made more than $400 in 2013 from their blog?
  6. Finally, just to clarify, why is it that brands/companies on’t send you a 1099-MISC until they’ve paid you $600 or more, but you have to report income of $400 or more for self-employment tax to the IRS? It’s so confusing!

Read the full article here (and don’t forget to check out the “cocktails” I mixed for The B Bar: Accounting for Bloggers, A Blogger’s Guide to Giveaways, and Reporting Income from Gifted Items. Remember, any drinks purchased from The B Bar are business expenses for bloggers!)