Thinking of working with me? Here’s what others had to say:

“We came to Helena with some seriously unique needs and we asked her to bend over backwards to accomplish it. Not only did she bend over backwards, but she did a few flips and a nice little routine on the balance beam. Helena finished in a week what my previous CPA could not complete in two months. She’s earned a customer for life, and I’m frantically looking for more ways to work with her.”

Jason Lynes | Passionfruit Ads

“When it comes to accounting and setting up a business, I recommend Helena to all of my business clients. She’s smart, fun to work with, and has the specialized accounting knowledge needed for creative businesses and bloggers.”

– Jess Lively | JessLively & With Intention

“While it’s easy to find any CPA, experience has taught me that it’s hard to find a CPA who’s knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the blog world and can answer specific questions about complex issues that come up for independent publishers and creative small business owners. I am so happy to have found Helena — not only was she extraordinarily knowledgeable about situations unique to my blog and businesses, but she was also responsive, professional, and fun to work with. This was the first year I didn’t have major anxiety come tax season!”

Victoria McGinley | VictoriaMcGinley & the b bar

“Working with Helena was a total pleasure. She was on top of everything and answered my many questions making me feel 100% confident about my personal and business tax return. Everything was explained in detail and nothing was left unanswered.”

Melissa Bandera | Jelly Design Studio

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