Resource: Direct Pay


Why YOU Should Care:

Direct Pay provides you an easy, free way to pay the IRS. You may have previously signed up for EFTPS, but Direct Pay is far simpler – there’s no more need for advance registration!

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Resource: Electronic Federal Tax Payment System


Why YOU Should Care

If you need to make payments to the federal government (e.g., for quarterly estimated taxes), the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) allows you to schedule those payments online for free. Other site – including most that allow you to pay via credit card – assess fees.


Before you make a payment, you need to register with the system. Be sure to do this ahead of time – the process involves receiving a PIN number in the mail to confirm your identity and location, so it’s not something you can do the day a payment is due.

Once you are registered, EFTPS provides a quick and easy way to make payments to the government. You can even track past payments to make sure you are on top of your quarterly estimated tax responsibility.